Car Brake Services
Car Brake Services in Sydney by Experts
Since brakes help your car come to a halt, you need to make sure that this safety feature is working seamlessly. Otherwise, the possibility of an accident can increase. So, if you are experiencing brake issues in your car, it’s time to connect with SWS Automotive Group Pty Ltd, where we offer expert car brake services in Sydney.

Our highly experienced mechanics will examine the brakes and the entire braking system of your car. If they find issues, they will repair the same with precision so that you can traverse the road safely. Further, they will use the latest repair techniques to retain the performance of the entire braking system.
What Do We Include in Our Car Brake Service?
You should book our car brake service if you face issues such as hardening of the brake pedal, you hear a screeching sound when you pull the brakes, your vehicle losing its grip or taking longer to come to a stop, etc. Our professionals will assess the internals of your car and do the needful.

In the service, our mechanics will service:
  • The brake fluid
  • Front and rear brake pedals
  • Disc and drum brakes
  • Brake callipers
  • Wheel cylinder, etc.
To know more about how we service car brakes in detail, get in touch with us today.
Why Book Our Car Brake Service?
Choose our car brake service since:
  • Our car mechanics are highly experienced
  • Our car mechanics do the needful with precision
  • Our car mechanics complete brake servicing on time
  • Our car mechanics test the braking system post-service to ensure safety
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