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Car Maintenance & Repair Service in Sydney
Are you looking for a comprehensive car maintenance and repair service in Sydney that can address the issues faced by your car? Your search ends at SWS Automotive Group Pty. Ltd.

We are home to a team of highly qualified technicians who are highly experienced, qualified, and equipped with cutting edge tools to deliver a wide range of car maintenance and repair services in Sydney. Our mechanics are trained and qualified enough to work on cars of different models and makes from noted manufacturers that include BMW, Hyandai, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Kia, Volkswagen, Jeep, Isuzu, Audi, and more.
What makes our car maintenance and repair service in Sydney unique?
Thanks to all the training, experience, and knowledge our car repair mechanics have under their belt, they are not only good at performing elementary maintenance work. They are second to none in repairing and replacing multiple components with their genuine counterparts, if needed. So whether it's a mechanical or electrical fault, we are quick in diagnosing and addressing the issue at the earliest. So we are your automatic choice as a car maintenance and repair service in Sydney, be it an occasional weed end car service, a regular repair service, or an emergency repair.
What car maintenance and repair services in Sydney do we offer?
At SWS Automotive Group Pty Ltd, the car maintenance and repair services in Sydney would include, but are not limited to:
  • Comprehensive inspection and diagnostic checks
  • Draining and replacement of the engine, brake oil, coolant, and oil filter to ensure efficiency
  • Top-up, flush, or change of other fluids, including clutch, power steering, transmission, brake, engine coolant, etc., if needed
  • Checking leads and spark plugs
  • Checking hoses, fuel filters, exhaust, belts, transmission, tyres, etc.
  • Testing the air conditioning system, steering, battery, lights and suspension
  • Testing the battery to gauge its charge-holding capacity
  • Checking the air, fuel, and pollen filters
  • Comprehensive safety inspection
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