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Car Logbook Services in Sydney
At SWS Automotive Group Pty Ltd, we provide comprehensive car logbook services in Sydney, where our seasoned mechanics will thoroughly inspect your car based on its mileage. They will look for potent issues since fixing the same can help you keep your vehicle running smoothly. From the replacement of brake fluids to coolants and from changing the air filters and spark plugs, we will do everything necessary to keep your car well-maintained.

We are a highly sought-after provider of car logbook services since we follow the car manufacturer’s guidelines during the inspection and while preparing the report. This is an added precautionary step that we take to retain the performance of cars.
What’s Included in Our Logbook Services?
In the logbook services, we include:
  • Assessment of car components
  • Checking car tyres and lights
  • Replacing the engine oil and filters
  • Checking the registration
  • Logbook stamps
  • Inspect and replace routine service items
  • Assessing safety checks, etc.
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USPs of Our Car Logbook Services
Choose our car logbook services since:
  • Our mechanics have the necessary expertise in logbook service and reporting
  • We inspect, diagnose issues and do the needful within the shortest duration
  • We comply with brand and model-specific logbook servicing guidelines
  • You can rest assured that our logbook services will not affect your car’s warranty
If you have queries about the service, contact us without delay.
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