Car Clutch Brake Services Camden

Car Clutch and Brake Repair Services in Camden by Specialists

A malfunctioning clutch or a problem in the brake system of your car can cause plenty of problems. So, it is important to get them repaired by specialists only since they are adept at their jobs. You can find them here at SWS Automotive. Just tell us your problems so that our mechanics can quickly determine the issues and fix them promptly. Besides, when it comes to car brake repair services in Camden along with others, we have more than 15 years of experience.

High-Precision Car Clutch Repair Services in Camden

Our car clutch repair services in Camden are highly sought-after since we fix the issues accurately to ensure the usual performance of vehicles. You should bring your car to us to get the clutch system fixed if you notice:
  • Gearing shifting problems
  • Noises emanating from the clutch when the pedal is pressed
  • Loose clutch pedal or too much vibration when the pedal is pressed
  • Poor acceleration
  • Clutch slipping issue
If you notice these problems, you should not wait, since waiting for them to go away on their own will further exacerbate the problem.

Top-Notch Car Brake Repair Services in Camden

If the brakes of your car are underperforming, you will need to bring your car to us for car brake repair services in Camden. We will assess the entire braking system, find out the problems and repair them as quickly as possible so that you can drive your car safely again. You need to bring your car to us and get the brakes repaired if you notice:
  • The brake lights are on at all times
  • Grinding noises while you are pulling the brakes
  • The brake pedal feels soft when pressed
  • A pull to one side while braking, etc.
Our mechanics will examine and service brake fluids, brake pedals, disc and drum brakes, callipers, wheel cylinders, etc.

USPs of our Clutch and Brake Repair Services in Camden

Choose our clutch and brake repair services in Camden since:
  • Our mechanics repair car components with precision
  • After repairi, our mechanics test the components to ensure flawless car performance
  • We serve a promt brakes and clutch repair services in Gregory Hills
  • We fix components of cars belonging to reputable brands
To get an estimate for both or any of these services or to get details about an appointment with us, send an email to

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